Online English Teaching Jobs

Over the last 10 or so years there has been a flood of online ESL teaching jobs. The job market has matured, but the information on these companies has been lacking.

Something else that has been lacking is information on how to get when first starting out. Information for understanding the requirements, tools you need, tips for getting a new job, and other newbie questions are scattered throughout the internet. Worse, some of the information is outdated or incorrect.

When you first start out, incorrect or misleading information can cause a lot of heartache and issues. In the long run, it can cost you a fair amount of lost earnings. As an example, you take a job getting paid $15 an hour, while you might be worth $23. If you’re working full time, you could be losing close to $15,000 a year.

Online English Teaching Jobs, or better known as, is trying to solve the above problems and others that online teachers are encountering. As the schools and markets mature so will we.

Start Here

Online ESL Teaching Jobs Start Here

The best place to start is on a landing page called “Start Here“. This one important page breaks down some of the essentials for teaching ESL online.

Think of it as a launch pad for your full-time online ESL teaching career or for those of you looking for part-time work. Even if you are a veteran, you will probably find value in the topics covered.

Let’s go through the more essential items one by one. There are other sections as well, but these provide the highest value.

Online Teaching Guide

Teaching English Online Guide
For those of you who are brand new to online ESL teaching, we suggest you start with the guide. It is a relatively extensive guide listing out the ins and outs of teaching English online.

There is a shorter version of the guide in the beginning for those of you that are impatient and merely want to get started. However, we recommend that you read through the whole guide before getting started.

Job Search

Job Search

There are plenty of lists of online ESL teaching jobs recklessly plastered throughout the web. These are great if you have the time to click on every job link to look for further details or have time to search for the company when you discover yet another broken link.

Another issue with many of the lists is they are written by teachers who do not maintain them. Nothing against these excellent teachers with good intentions, but building something and keeping it are two different skills. We solve that problem through a link management program and feedback from our Facebook groups.

We do have well well-maintained lists, but teachers are tending to use our advanced search feature. Our search covers the more popular criteria that teachers are in need of. We will continuously update this to improve the results further.

Unlike traditional search interfaces, our interface displays the values and criteria instead of hiding them once the results are shown. These make it easier to narrow down the results while not losing sight of the original search criteria. For now, here are some of the leading search criteria:

  1. Accent of the teacher(Native, Native UK, Non-Native, etc.)
  2. Country of origin of the company
  3. Minimum pay rate per hour
  4. Educational requirements
  5. Certificate requirements
  6. Student base(Adults or Children)
  7. Create-a-profile
  8. Phone Apps
  9. Freeform search

The search returns a sorted list based on the highest rated to lowest rated schools. There are short to lengthy reviews along with links to individual job pages.

Each of these job pages includes nearly all of the information that you need to decide if you want to pursue the job. Many of these have further reviews as well.

Thanks to the link management program that we have on our site, the application links are well-maintained. You will find this to be a considerable advantage over traditional lists and the poorly maintained websites that you have seen in the past.

Check out the search and let us know what you think.

Job Lists

For those of you that prefer to look through lists, we have multiple ones for you. We have a general directory containing all of the jobs along with another list of jobs for those teachers that are considered non-native. Lastly, we have lists broken down by country of origin such as China and Russia, create-a-profile, and jobs through phone apps.

Here are some of our Job Lists:

  1.  Non-Native Jobs
  2. Chinese Companies
  3. North American Companies
  4. UK Companies
  5. European Companies
  6. Phone App Jobs
  7. Japanese Companies
  8. Korean Companies
  9. Philippine Companies
  10. Russian Companies
  11. Other Countries
  12. Create A Profile Online ESL Jobs

Effective ESL Online Resume

Create a Resume to Get an Online ESL Teaching Job
Applying with the resume that you use for traditional schools will not do in the online world. You will find an extensive guide and sample resume suited for the online ESL teaching job market.

Update your resume to increase your chances of getting a job with the schools you will find on our site. A cover letter is often overlooked when applying, so let us show you how to write an effective one to improve your chances of getting a job.

Job Reviews

Online ESL Reviews

If you want to hear from other teachers about various online schools before applying, then look no further than our reviews page. Find out about which jobs to avoid, who is hiring, or whatever else you want to know. Our Facebook Group is well maintained and available to answer the questions to answers you do not find on our reviews page.

All About The TEFL

Getting An Online TEFL Certification
There is a fair amount of confusion for first-time teachers when it comes to the TEFL. We will keep you up-to-date with the latest information and what you should look for in a TEFL program.

Online ESL Teacher’s Blog

Teacher Blog
You can find the latest articles regarding teaching ESL online and other valuable resources on our teacher’s blog. You can count on us to share with you the newest information in this ever-changing ESL job market. Read about the latest tips and tricks and further information to help you find a better job.

Next Phases

We have completed the first two phases of our website. In the next few stages, we plan on building tools to help you better manage the job application process. We will increase the amount of YouTube videos and other instructional tools to better serve all of our teachers. We also have some super secret activities that we are working on. Hopefully, all of this will be out soon to better help you improve your chances of getting the job you want.


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